Biographical information

Birth: 621 M.41, Galendor

Death: N/A

Physical description

Specie: Human (untill 17), Space Marine

Gender: Male

Heigh: 1.84 meters (as Human)

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Blue

Other information

Allegiance: Imperium of Man (Galendor Revilers)


  • Captain of the 1st Veteran Company, Revilers
  • Chapter Warden (unnofficial Chapter Master, Revilers)

Location: Thunder Cliffs Monastery-Fortress, Galendor

Status: Alive

Lébor Corbalis is the finest warrior of the Revilers, long-standing Captain of the 1st Veteran Company and Chapter Warden (unofficial Master). His surname has been known for centuaries as he is descendant of the oldest hero alive among the Chapter, the dreadnought called Véktor (Véktor Corbalis while Human), of more than 1300 years old.

Is a very compromised soldier both with the Imperium and Galendor, his own homeworld and now also the Chapter's one, and will stand still in the Segmentum Pacificus and faraway for the glory of the God-Emperor.


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