Injuriadores armadura

Revilers' Color Scheme

Chapter Profile

Warcry: "Better dead than slaved".

Founding: Second Founding

Successors of: Raven Guard

Successor Chapters: Unknown

Number: XXI

Primarch: Corax

Chapter Master: Lébor Corbalis, Chapter Warden (unofficial)

Homeworld: Galendor (considered)

Allegiance: Imperium of Man

Colours: Greyish blue

Banners and Badges

Revilers Banner

Revilers' banner with the Company number, XXI

Revilers Badge

Revilers' badge

A Second Founding chapter of the Raven Guard.


The Revilers are one of the successors of the Raven Guard, borned during the Second Founding, who specialized in jungle warfare.

With their Primarch Corax missing and no oficial Chapter Master, the chapter is usually ruled by their Captains under the coordination and supervision of Lébor Corbalis, Captain of the 1st Veteran Company. Most companies like to consider him as the unofficial Chapter Master. He is the finest warrior among the Revilers and is commonlly called "Chapter Warden" because of his extreme dedication, knowledge and care to the chapter. Chapter Warden Corbalis established their main base in his homeworld, the planet Galendor; this is considered to be the chapter's homeworld (also because of its weather and enviroment).

Also known as "Corbalis' Revilers" or "Galendor Revilers", they stand out as peculiarities the large number of Apothecaries, additional roles for the Chaplains and their absolute and unquestioning loyalty to the God-Emperor. Chapter Warden Corbalis and his faithfull and loyal brothers will lead the chapter to glory for a greater Imperium of Man, for the God-Emperor.

Combat Style

Revilers are specialized in jungle and wet-weather enviroment warfare. Like their predecessor, the chapter specializes in guerrilla tactics behind enemy lines, using precisely coordinated attacks and refraining from frontal attacks or protracted attrition warfare.

The chapter's MO consists of rapid maneuver engagements consisting of assault marines, Land Speeders and bikes aimed at harassment, sabotage and destruction of key targets over engagement of enemy forces at large. Tactical Squads are deployed via Thunderhawk gunship insertions, supported by drop-pod deployed Dreadnoughts. Revilers relies heavily on its Scouts elements, which operates without support for extended amount of time, even by Space Marine standards. The chapter almost always operates combining small unit tactics with their preference of covert, behind-enemy-lines operations.


Several Space Marines Chapters recruit new cadets from the worlds where a Chapter has established its monastery-fortress, although some Chapters are known to recruit from a collection of worlds. Moreover, recruiting methods vary from Chapter to Chapter.

Revilers Chapter has been recruiting new cadets from different worlds with specefic environment conditions, exactly from those with lush ground, jungle and other wet-weather enviroments. In the last centuary they've also been recruiting several cadets from the planet Galendor because of the establishment of some monastery-fortress, among them the main Chapter's one, as a result of their relation with this planet in the past, its weather and environment, ground and leadership decisions. Galendor is now considerd to be the Chapters homeworld.

Famous Military Interventions

  • They put out the orcish invasion during the 1st Battle for Galendor.
  • 1st, 3rd and 4th Company crushed the Galendorian Traitors' independent movement in the Galendorian Civil War (also known as 2nd Battle for Galendor), helping those Galendor Protectors loyal to the Imperium.
  • They intercepted a small Chaos fleet in course to the Sabbat Worlds, during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, in Segmentum Pacificus.
  • They contribued less than a company in the 13th Black Crusade.
  • 6th Company used drop pods to insert onto the Plains of Azoth.

Chapter Variations

Chapter Warden

Lébor Corbalis, a long-standing Reviler, became Captain of the 1st Veteran Company almost a centuary ago. There is no oficial Chapter Master but most companies like to consider him like a respected one. It's the most similar figure to a Chapter Master, known as "Chapter Warden" among them.

His surname has been known for centuaries as he is descendant of the oldest hero alive among the Chapter, the dreadnought called Véktor (Véktor Corbalis while Human), of more than 1300 years old.

Chaplains and Apothecaries

Some Revilers companies has several apothecaries of their own as Chaplains has a very important role in the Chapter because of Galendorian influence of traditional first aid, protection and religious life.

The Chaplains of the Revilers are known as "Liberon Heralds" (the galendorian Saint buried in the Cathedral of Liberon, which has his name), and can perform a protecting role and an additional one, similar to Apothecaries', if it's necessary. Both the punishment reviles against the enemy and the supporting words are a great inspiration for his brothers, protecting and taking care of them in case of extreme need. Sometimes they are a decisive unit in some conflicts.

Color Scheme

Their armor color is greyish blue; the chapter symbol is a human skull shot through from top left to lower right by a yellow lightning bolt, although some depictions forgo the lightning bolt.

Each company is assigned a color, which can be painted as a stripe on each Marine's helmet. Some company or squad leaders painted their entire helmet for better distinction. The 1st Veteran Company has dark purple as their company color.

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